Pollen/Resin Extractor & Tumble Trimmer

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Pollen/Resin Extractor Machine & Tumble Trimmer

This pollen/resin extractor is the smaller version of the XL extractor and has all the same great features as its big brother.

Save time and money by utilizing an all-in-one solution. This is the only solvent free extraction product with WET, DRY & FLASH FREEZE capabilities in ONE UNIT. This can process up to 3 lbs. of material per extraction cycle.

Not only is it an extractor, the Resinator doubles as blade-less tumbler trimmer that cuts WET or DRY trimming by as much as 85% less time than by hand trimming. This can hold up to 1.5 lbs. per trim cycle.

While the custom micron screens are REMOVABLE & WASHABLE, there is no need to change the screen when switching over from a DRY run to a WET run.


  • Increase quality and yields by FLASH FREEZING plant material with liquid Co2.
  • Now you can BUBBLE while you TUMBLE, simply add water & ice.
  • Traditional DRY SIEVE - Add dry-ice for better, quicker results.
  • Utilize DRY-ICE to achieve frozen resination.
  • Blade-less Tumble Trimmer cuts trim time by up to 85%.

What's Included:

  • 3 piece set of 200, 100 & 75 micron rated Drum Screens
  • 3 piece set of 200,100 & 75 micron rated Resin Collection Bags
  • 1/4" mesh Trim Screen,
  • 6 piece set of Anti-Bacterial Resin Collection Tools
  • all Plug-n-Play Necessaries for water/gas operation


1 year warranty. All sales are final.

Trimming Tips:

When DRY trimming with CO2, there is no need to change your standard drying and curing operating procedures. The natural dry process allows the water molecules within the flower to cure organically, so your flowers will be as you are accustomed to.

*Freeze Drying or Wet Curing is required when doing a WET trim with CO2. It's only when doing a wet trim with CO2 that we have displaced the oxygen in our chamber. This means that the biomass must be preserved before it has a chance to oxidize.

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