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19 Dram SqueezeTops® QTY
SqueezeTops® Container

SqueezeTops® QTY

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Product Description

19 Dram SqueezeTops® Container 

  • Original Squeezetops® Certified Child Resistant One Piece Plastic Container
  • Medical grade polypropylene plastic
  • FDA approved material & BPA-free
  • 100% Recyclable  & 100% UV BlockS  
  • Holds 1 1/2 to 2 grams of medication
  • Made in USA

Standard Measurement : 

  • Outside Dimensions - 1.65" Dia. X 2.75"Ht.
  • Inside Dimensions - 1.39" Dia. X 2.54" Ht. 

Metric Measurement : 

  • Outside Dimensions - 41.91mm Dia. X 69.85mm Ht.
  • Inside Dimensions -  35.31mm Dia. X 64.52mm Ht. 


  • 2.38 oz    > 19 drams > 70.24 mL

SqueezeTops® containers are used for medications, natural supplements, vitamins, pharmaceutical drugs, jewelry beads, craft pieces and much more ..... Really whatever you need it for

Original Squeezetops® Certified Child Resistant Made in the USA. Do not confuse our Squeezetops® brand with the containers from China. Look for the Squeezetops® mark of quality on the bottom.

Pick from SqueezeTops® Straight Crayon Colors Line or Mix Option :  

  • Metallic Color Mix - Titanium, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper Cobalt and Kyanite
  • Transparent Mix - Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Clear, Black, Orange, Yellow, Amber, Violet
  • Solid Color Mix - Green, Red, Blue, Black, White
  • RANDOM MIX - All 22 Colors Listed

Due to various factors , we are unable to guarantee that the mix you will receive equal amounts of each color



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