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Dram 6 Pack Reversible Cap
Child Resistant Reversible Cap Dram Pack

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Child Resistant Reversible Cap Dram 6 Pack

  • Easy-open lid, airtight for secure storage. Plus, secure content privacy
  • Blocks UV light, 100% recyclable
  • Medical grade plastic, BPA-free, FDA approved material
These containers feature a child safe push and turn lid on one side that prevents children from getting to the contents on the container. 
When the cap is flipped over and placed on the container you now have a non child resistant opening experience great for older patients or people with disabilities. 
Uses for medications, herbs, jewelry and craft pieces. Really anything you need it for

Measurements - Height  and Length
 8 Dram -   2.47" x 3.03" 
13 Dram -  2.61" x 3.17" 
20 Dram -  2.57" x 3.09" 
30 Dram -  3.54" X 4.10"
40 Dram -  3.69" x 4.20" 
60 Dram -  5.47" X 5.99"


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